9 oktober 2014

Charles pants pattern test

bij uitzondering een keertje in het engels...

The little rascals and I felt honoured to be selected to test a new pattern: the Charles pants by Compagnie M. Marte lived up to her reputation and again designed a pattern with many different options and details. We like that; being able to make such completely different pants from just one pattern. Shorts, pants, dungarees, it's all possible.

For the middle son I made recycled pants: using a pair of dad's ripped jeans and some scraps of striped fabric dating from my own childhood. I once owned a pair of dungarees made out of these stripes... That fabric was really meant to be sewn into children's pants, until the last scraps, I guess. The only thing new we used were the buttons that the boy picked out himself, because these had to be hammered in. Cool, mum!

Because he's a skinny boy, I started out with the pattern pieces that matched his waist (5Y) and lengthened them to a size 9Y. The details in the pants did not impose any problems thanks to the very clear and elaborate pictures that come with the pattern instructions. You really can't go wrong here, as long as you read the instructions carefully ;)

The pants fit well, and can handle serious boy play. He doesn't want to take them off anymore, and wear them on his next outdoor adventure. Just perfect!

Want to make a pair of Charles pants yourself? Until sunday you can buy the pattern here with a 10% discount, using the code: 'charles-launch'

And if you want to see more different versions of this pattern, be sure to visit Marte's blog and check out the rest of the pattern tour! Thanks for having me on your tour, Marte, it was a fun experience!

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  1. I'm a fan! Especially the first pic is amazing. The colors, the unusual perspective! Simply great!

  2. I love this pair of Charles! great idea. And your pictures are amazing.

  3. Thank you! I really like the things you make as well; fun to find a nice blog I didn't know through a comment!


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